10 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2016

For horror gaming fans, 2015 was a fairly great year. Yes, there was some heartbreak in the form of Silent Hills being cancelled, but 2015 also saw a number of high quality horror gaming experiences launch, as we illustrated in our Best Horror Games of 2015 list.

With 2015 behind us, it’s now time to look forward to what 2016 will offer to horror gaming enthusiasts. The following 10 horror games releasing in 2016 stand out as the ones with the most potential, and are Game Rant’s most anticipated horror games of 2016.


While it’s still upsetting that P.T. was pulled from the PlayStation Store, Allison Road is looking to fill the void left behind. Inspired directly by the creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere that Hideo Kojima created as a tease for Silent Hills, Allison Road looks like one of the most genuinely terrifying experiences gamers can look forward to in 2016.

Allison Road is expected to release this October for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Friday the 13th


While the Allison Road Kickstarter wasn’t a success, with Team17 stepping in to see the game finished, the same can’t be said for the Friday the 13th Kickstarter. The game hit its initial funding goal, and even managed to reach some of its stretch goals in the process. An asymmetrical mulitplayer game in which one player controls Jason Voorhees and the others control camp counselors,, the Friday the 13th game is one of the more unique titles on this list, and should provide a different kind of horror gaming experience than we’ve seen before.

The Friday the 13th video game is due for release later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



The first Outlast game has become a modern horror favorite for many gamers, combining elements of the found footage film genre with the survival-horror game. The sequel, Outlast 2, is looking to continue that tradition, but trades the asylum setting of the first game for a foreboding, wooded countryside. The Outlast 2 teaser trailer hints that it may also explore some religious themes, which is interesting and rarely visited territory for video games.

Outlast 2 is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



The Walking Dead franchise has already enjoyed quite a bit of success in the gaming industry, with Telltale’s episodic adventure earning critical acclaim across the board. However, Payday developer Overkill is looking to do something different with Overkill’s The Walking Dead through FPS co-op gameplay. We haven’t seen much of Overkill’s take on the series just yet, but considering the pedigree of the developer, the game stands a good chance of being quite a bit better than the previous Walking Dead FPS game, Survival Instinct.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is due for release later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



BioShock and Dead Space stand as two of the best horror games of the last generation, so when developers that worked on both of those games came together to form The Deep End Games, horror fans took notice. The freshman project from The Deep End is a Kickstarter-funded game called Perception, which puts players in the role of a blind woman that has to explore a spooky mansion. Promising a story with plenty of twists and scares and a unique art style that is meant to represent echolocation, Perception has a chance to be one of the better horror experiences in 2016.

Perception is expected to release in June for PC.

Visage Trailer: The Other Game Inspired by P.T

The extended trailer for SadSquare Studio’s Visage releases today on YouTube, a game inspired by the ill-fated P.T. that captures a similar tense, eerie vibe.

The trailer, as shown above, shows that just because a game is meant to be terrifying, it doesn’t have to look ugly doing so. Visage is notably gorgeous, and even the dark corners that are only illuminated briefly during the exploration of the trailer have shapes and details working within them that makes the house and, later, the ghostly steps that lead towards an ethereal tree, feel alive. While Allison Road, the other notable Silent Hills-inspired game, deftly carries on the spirit of its inspiration, Visage appears to expand beyond the constraints of P.T., creating a much larger world to explore.

SadSquare has described the game’s narrative as the story of one man who finds himself trapped within a house, with Visage following that man’s attempts to escape. Of course, it’s never that easy in the best horror games, and the house will throw all manner of horrors at the player as their sanity slowly erodes the more they explore their prison. Visage also won’t feature any weapons or tutorials – it’s the gamer versus the world, and while the core story will always remain the same, Visage will also feature randomized elements during each playthrough in an effort to both increase its replayability and make sure players simply don’t know what’s coming next.

Visage is currently in its Kickstarter phase, and is looking to earn about $35,000 in order to fund a PC release, although surpassing that goal could result in PS4, Xbox One, or even VR releases as well. Those gamers who have simply re-downloaded Silent Hills’ P.T. and have been waiting for their next fix of immersive psychological horror should, if nothing else, check out Visage and see if it interests them. After Allison Road‘s studio recently cancelled their Kickstarter after finding a company willing to publish the game, there’s certainly room to crowdfund another spiritual successor to one of the most disappointing game cancellations in recent memory.

With that being said, have we seen enough to run screaming out into the streets heralding the coming of the next amazing horror game? Probably not. However, Visage‘s mix of creepy and fascinating visuals hold a lot of early promise, and should SadSquare’s crowdfunding campaign go as well as the developer hopes it will, it’s possible there will be another game to add to the list of hotly anticipated horror games in the future.
What did you think of the trailer? Did the Allison Road Kickstarter cancellation turn you off funding games in a similar vein, or have you been waiting for the chance to support another cool horror title? Let us know in the comments.

Visage is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, and will release on PC in the future should its campaign goal be met.

Ooooo…. So interesting. Which one you guys prefer? All of them look so cool.


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