My Life Story

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I was introduced to gaming from my siblings when I am 5 years old. We only had PS2 that time. I’m just watching them playing the games and having fun with them. And when I’m 7 I get to play the game such as vampire knight, WWE and more. And when I’m 8 were selling the PS2 and all the games to buy PS3. Since then we were find games that have our interest in it. And then the next year PS4 just released. We want a PS4 but we don’t want to sell the PS3 cause the game that we played are really fun and we are completely wanna play it again. So right now, we were collecting money together to share with. My sister said that she wanted to buy VR ( Virtual Reality ) on PS4. So we were collecting money for that VR to.

I also enjoy film and TV shows. For this reason I may also discuss and review other forms of media besides games.



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